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Issue #100

Tuesday, September 6, 2006

We're Back...With Our 100th Newsletter

Where have we been? Our long-time subscribers have likely noticed a void in their email box as we typically publish a newsletter edition every two weeks, and the last edition was published on July 11. We are pleased to report that the reason for this void is that 2006 has been a banner year for Customer Centricity. As a result, we have been extremely busy. We've added several new associates to serve an increasing number of clients (click here to view a partial list of clients). Thanks to each of you who have spread the word about how we help organizations improve the customer experience!

 CCI's Craig Bailey to Speak at AFSMI World Conference

Join Customer Centricity Founder and President Craig Bailey, in Orlando, September 17 to 20, at the annual AFSMI World Conference, where he will be speaking on "Becoming Customer Centric." This fast-paced and dynamic seminar will provide a mix of strategies and practical techniques that you can put into effect immediately to jumpstart your journey to becoming customer-centric. In this seminar, you will learn the common misconceptions of becoming customer-centric, the scope of the customer experience, why it is important to become customer-centric, a case study of a customer-centric firm, and a roadmap to follow on your journey to becoming customer-centric. The time-proven strategies that will be covered have assisted numerous firms in becoming customer-centric. Find out how your firm can join the ranks of the truly customer-centric. Visit to learn more.

Book Recommendation

The author of the best-seller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People does it again. Stephen R. Covey's previous book helps individuals become extremely effective in both their personal and professional lives, and is a "must read" in and of itself. His latest book The 8th Habit takes the individual to the next level (From Effectiveness to Greatness) and shares cutting-edge insight that is foundational to organizational transformation! In a nutshell, the book clearly shows the way "to find our voice and inspire others to find theirs."

On page 2 of his book Dr. Covey gets things started with the following…"I frequently ask large audiences, 'How many agree that the vast majority of the workforce in your organization possesses far more talent, intelligence, capability and creativity than their present jobs require or even allow?' The overwhelming majority of the people raise their hands, and this is with groups all over the world. About the same percentage acknowledge that they are under immense pressure to produce more for less. People face a new and increasing expectation to produce more for less in a terribly complex world, yet they are simply not allowed to use a significant portion of their talents and intelligence."

Is this your organization? Be careful in how quickly you answer this question…After working with numerous firms, our most common observation can be stated as: "same stuff different logo." That is, company after company we work with faces common challenges which can often be traced back to a single root-cause: lack of alignment to common goals and objectives. If every leader in industry were to pick up, read and APPLY the principles in this book, then management consultants would be "out of business."

The principles covered in this book for personal and organizational leadership, when lived, unleash human potential and inspire deep commitment and superior levels of service and satisfaction. I'd suggest that this is a must-read for anyone who desires to be a truly great leader!

In closing, rest assured, we'll always be here for those individuals and organizations that don't take us up on the recommendation to read and apply what is covered in The 8th Habit.



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Recommended Reading
This issue's recommended reading is CRM Magazine article
Success Strategies for Leveraging Customer Intelligence
by Leslie Ament. In her article, Ms. Ament presents 7 strategies for translating customer intelligence - the information you capture about your customers - into business profits, through improved customer satisfaction and retention, increased sales, reduced operating costs, and overall stronger decision-making capabilities.

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