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Issue #104

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

CRMI Loyalty Management Strategy Workshop

CCI President Craig Bailey is again teaming up with CRMI to deliver a loyalty management-strategy (LMS) workshop this fall. The two-day session includes two half-day seminars on employee and customer loyalty, along with the brand new one-day "Meet The Gurus" sessions, featuring the experts who provide the presentations used in CRMI's Gold Series webinar program, including CCI's own Craig Bailey.

CRMI's LMS workshop is occuring November 29-30, 2006 at the Bedford Glen Hotel in Bedford, MA. Click here for more information.

The Makings of a True Professional (Part 3)
By Catherine Blake, President & Founder, Sales Protocol International

So far in this series, I have presented two enduring traits of a true business professional: discernment, and integrity. In this issue, I conclude with a discussion of the third characteristic: compassion.


Compassion is the quality that says, "I care about you." If you're a thinker in the Myers-Briggs sense of the word, then you're probably wondering what compassion has to do with being a business professional. Again, think of a role model you have great respect for.

  • Is he inclusive of others?
  • Does he discriminate?
  • Does he consider and respect the individual?
  • Does he take time to meet you where you are and really listen?
  • Does he offer you heart-felt advice?

Yes, compassion in any workplace goes a long way. Sometimes it's as simple as a genuine smile or a "good morning."

The best sales manager I ever had did something for me that no other leader had done: She coached me. It sounds simple, and as leaders we should all take the role of coach, but it's amazing how many leaders don't make the time.

Early in my career I found myself in a conflict about something that in hindsight seems ridiculous, but at the time it devastated me. Although my heart was in the right place, I had made a mistake by being a little sassy in an e-mail to a manager in another department. That's what stress can do, right? That was my excuse anyway.

Well, the situation escalated to include my boss, and she called me into her office. I was nervous. But instead of reprimanding me, she coached me what I might have done differently. Then she shared a personal story about a mistake she had made and how she had recovered. She showed compassion, and her example has continued to inspire me to this day.


Business professionals stand apart through:

  • character qualities like discernment, integrity and compassion;
  • making a difference—not just to higher-ups but to peers and
  • subordinates (read the book The 360-Degree Leader by John C. Maxwell);
  • demonstrating leadership by putting core values first and acting accordingly; and
  • serving, putting self aside and thinking about others.

In the end you'll not only be a great business professional but a fantastic leader. Others around you will hold you up as their role model and the picture of a refined professional.

About Sales Protocol International

Sales Protocol International provides sales training, coaching and strategy to organizations that desire to achieve their personal best, honestly and ethically. Our programs yield top-line results and contribute to a healthier organization.

The company is founded on the strong ethical values of integrity, professionalism, and honor. A percentage of all profits are donated to support local, national and international charities to make the world a better place. We are also dedicated to volunteering our time, talent and treasures to the local community.

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