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Issue #123

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Score Conference

Please join Customer Centricity's President Craig Bailey at the 6th Annual SCORE Conference, taking place May 13-15, 2008, at the World Trade Center in Boston. To learn more and register online, visit the SCORE website. Craig will be moderating sessions taking place on May 15, including the much anticipated panel discussion entitled Driving Operational Change to Get the Most Out of Customer Feedback.

Online Networking Survey - Results
by Craig Bailey

I'd like to thank those of you who took the time to respond to our survey on your use of online networking tools. The objective of this exercise was to obtain insight as to how others use networking tools, and which tools are used most prominently. More specifically (and selfishly), I wanted to find out if there was value in using multiple tools, other than my preferred tool (LinkedIn). I have my answer. While response data was limited (in other words, this exercise should not be interpreted as a statistical representation of global use of online networking tools), some interesting insights were obtained.

  • The majority of respondents have used online networking tools for more than 2 years and rely on a single tool.
    • More than 50% use only a single tool, 28% use 2 tools and 17% use 3 or more.
    • Of those using a single tool, 100% use LinkedIn. Overall, LinkedIn was the most popular tool among respondents.
  • Online networking is used for various reasons, and specific tools are used for those different reasons.
    • Overall use of online networking tools is split fairly evenly between purely Business and Business/Social.
    • LinkedIn and Plaxo seem to be the primary business networking tools, in addition to being used for social networking.
    • Facebook is used primarily for Social networking with some Business and Social networking.
    • MySpace is used as a Social Networking tool.
  • The most important attributes of the service/tool seem to be:
    • Ease of Use
    • Popularity of Tool in My Network
    • Privacy Protection
  • Users of LinkedIn and MySpace seem to be the most satisfied, each with 50% of users "Totally Satisfied."
  • Themes derived from comments:
    • "I only want to use a single tool."
    • "Telephone and email skills have evolved, but not online networking skills or etiquette."
    • "Each tool has benefits depending on your objective."
    • Numerous comments on how "LinkedIn is an invaluable business networking tool."
    • "Plaxo is good for keeping my address book updated."

In addition to the above, online reporting is available, sharing some of the more meaningful survey results as well as some very thoughtful and insightful verbatim comments from a number of survey participants.

In closing, I'll see you in LinkedIn.


+ Score Conference

+ Online Networking Survey - The Results


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