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Issue #169

Thursday, April 29, 2011

Marketing and Delivery - Hand in Hand
by Craig Bailey

Are your marketing dollars building another's business?

Recently, my wife and I decided it was time to replace the storage shed in our backyard. It had obviously been there since long before we moved in 16 years ago. It had become quite shabby looking on the outside and the inside had been taken over by varmints making it their winter home.

We had a few likely places to go to compare pricing and features, including the big do-it-yourself warehouse-style stores. But, we anticipated that the most attractive options would be available from a well-known local firm that specializes in nothing but sheds.

As we drove up to the "local's" place of business, our expectations were exceeded. A large display sign clearly announced a 10% off sale that ending "tomorrow" and their grounds had a vast number of sheds. The parking lot was full of anxious consumers wanting to get started on their first outdoor projects of spring.

We were promptly greeted by a helpful customer service / sales representative eager to learn what we were looking for and who showed us several viable options,  all within the price range we were targeting. Now that we had the pricing and options, we simply needed to select the size of shed we wanted and pick the features to include. For that, we needed to go back home, take some final measurements, select colors and discuss the optional features. The sales person gave us a high quality brochure and price list, and we indicated we'd be back the next day to finalize the deal. So far so good, right?

The following day, we were the first customers in the door. We were greeted by one of the owners who was pleased to hear that we were returning from yesterday, ready to place our order. He cautiously asked "did anyone mention the delivery schedule?"  We had to answer "no, the delivery times were not mentioned." At this point, I thought we may have to wait a few weeks for our new shed. The owner then indicated "we are currently quoting delivery dates of mid-July." You are kidding was my reply. After learning that they would take our order, with no deposit, we admitted that we'd be willing to place an order but would also be looking elsewhere as we want a shed now (at least in the next few weeks) and didn't want to wait 3 months.

As we drove away all I could say was "mid-July?" in disbelief.

Before we were 2 miles away, we had gone online and located 2 other (less well-known) shed specialists in the area. And, we visited one to see a display model. We observed that the shed's design, materials and features seemed to be an exact match with the well known firm's. Soon after, we had an appointment with this firm to come by our house the next day to scope out the site, review pricing and options.

During our meeting with the representative from the second firm, we shared our experience working with the well-known company. His response was "yeah, happens all the time. They do all that crazy marketing but can't keep up with demand. People then come to us. We do very well."

After further review, we confirmed that the designs, features and materials were in fact the same AND the pricing was less than the other firm's sale price. The final question was delivery time. We were happy to learn that we could have our new shed installed in 2-3 weeks!

To be clear, the owner of the second firm understands the value of marketing. He just happens to be getting great value from the marketing dollars of the other firm.

The moral of the story is to be sure that your delivery capacity can keep up with customer demand and your marketing. Otherwise, if there is able competition, you are actually helping to build THEIR business.

CCI Serving Those in Need…Again

Members of the Customer Centricity team and the First Baptist Church of Hudson, NH are again headed to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, to build and/or refurbish homes with Habitat for Humanity. This year the team is traveling during NH school vacation (week of April 25) to enable teens to experience the blessing of helping others in need through hard work.

Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005, destroying property and killing hundreds. Less than a month later, on September 24, 2005, Hurricane Rita also made landfall on the Gulf Coast, extending the devastation even further. All told, more than half a million homes were damaged or destroyed.

Six years later Habitat for Humanity still engages coastal Mississippi families struggling with run down temporary shelter and poor housing conditions.

If you are interested in supporting the cause or would like to learn more, click here. The team of volunteers and, more importantly, the people in need thank you in advance for your support.



+ Marketing and Delivery - Hand in Hand

+ CCI Serving Those in Need...Again



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The team of volunteers and, more importantly, the people in need thank you in advance for your support.

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We contacted Customer Centricity to help us increase business and launch our newly expanded building and property management services. I was very impressed from the start as they had us take a step back and provided an objective perspective and approach to meet our challenge. From our “kick-off” meeting through completion, they walked us through a step by step approach, always being very responsive and available for consultation.  We looked at our customer base in a manner we hadn’t before which helped us understand how our customer base could be harvested from within as well as approaches to effectively acquire new customers.  The implementation of their approach was very successful and we couldn’t be more pleased. I highly recommend Customer Centricity.

Peter M. Ciaraldi


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