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Issue #175

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Customer Centricity Update

It has been a while - almost a year, in fact, since our last newsletter was published. The good news is that this past year has been the best yet for Customer Centricity. We have retained long-term relationships with pre-existing clients as well as landed new clients, all involving interesting and challenging engagements! In addition, we now have over 3,500 subscribers to our newsletter.

The reason for the void in publishing is twofold:

  1. A decision “not to publish just to publish.” That is, you get enough email and don’t need another from us just so that we feel good about publishing another newsletter.
  2. A heads down focus on a global CRM implementation.

Now that we are in the final stretch of this global CRM implementation, we thought it was time to share our experiences, observations and lessons learned.

A Tale of Two CRM Implementations

Almost three years ago, our engagement began with a company in the high-tech / medical device manufacturing industry. Throughout this engagement, we have driven numerous projects and observed others. This particular company has a number of business units with global operations.

Tale #1

Prior to our team being engaged on this company’s CRM initiatives, one of the business units determined it needed a CRM solution. The objectives included improving customer relationships, forecasting, pipeline management and providing visibility to upper management - all very reasonable goals for a CRM initiative. However, the initiative was approached as more of a “technical implementation” with minimal to no process design, resulting in lack of wholesale adoption.

Tale #2

A second business unit at this company decided that it, too, needed a CRM solution. This business unit, having grown by acquisition, determined that a key goal was to simplify business processes (account management, forecasting, quote-to-order, customer service) and consolidate global Sales and Service operations onto a single platform.

The good news for this business unit is that we were there from the beginning. As you might imagine, we’ve been doing this for a long time. In all honesty, this particular CRM implementation is the very best yet that we have been involved with.

The key to successful CRM implementations, as we’ve shared so many times, is properly considering and managing three critical components: People, Process, and Technology. We will expand on this further in upcoming newsletters. Additionally, we will share lessons we learned from this engagement that we hope will help you with your CRM initiatives.

In closing, if you are embarking on a CRM initiative, or are in the throes of one that isn’t on track to deliver the results you expected, contact us. We’d be happy to provide a sounding board and determine if there is an opportunity to assist you in getting the MOST out of your investment in CRM.

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This comprehensive guide to CustomerRelationship Management (CRM) draws on Barton Goldenberg's 20+ years of experience guiding firms to a successful implementation of CRM solutions and techniques. Goldenberg demonstrates how the right mix of people, process, and technology can help firms achieve a superior level of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and new business. Beginning with a primer for executives who need to get quickly up-to-speed on CRM, the book covers a full range of critical issues including integration challenges and security concerns, and illuminates CRM's key role in the 24/7/365 real-time business revolution. CRM in Real Time is an essential guide for any organization seeking to maximize customer relationships, coordinate customer-facing functions, and leverage the power of the Internet as business goes real time.


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