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Issue #197

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Book Recommendation - Customer Innovation

Over the past 20+ years, I've read numerous books on corporate strategy and alignment to / focus on the customer. I probably should have written one myself. The good news is: now, I don't have to.


The recently published book Customer Innovation by Marion Debruyne does a fantastic job of tying together a number of what some would consider disparate pieces of the puzzle into a cohesive formula to achieve Customer Centricity.

She shares numerous case studies of firms who have leveraged a simple formula comprised of a 3x3 framework.

The Y axis involves the following 3 strategies that the case study firms employ:

  1. Connecting with the marketplace to anticipate changes they will be confronted with
  2. Converting customer insight into actionable change
  3. Collaborating with others where their own capabilities fall short

The X axis involves the case study firms viewing the landscape through 3 separate lenses:

  1. A focus on existing customers
  2. Zooming out from the current product range to the entire customer journey
  3. Zooming out even further to capture the signals from emerging change in the periphery of the market

While there are other books covering strategies which address "portions" of the above, I've not read one that ties them all together into as elegantly simple a formula as put forth by Marion Debruyne.

If you are a leader in charge of driving customer-focused change, then this book is an absolute must-read. And, if you've read other books in this genre, this one will tie things together in ways that will accelerate your journey to Customer Centricity!



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