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Our Associates

Greg Fitzgerald

Greg launched FCI to help companies design, implement and extract maximum value from customer data. Whether it is trying to define the right research for the fuzzy front end of product development, data mining CRMs or helping management teams with prioritizing which projects to move forward with, he works with cross functional teams to drive informed consensus and a shared vision of the tasks that need to be executed. In that role, he seeks to understand customer needs, the client’s business needs, current resources and the strategic goals driving their research requests. When appropriate, he designs and implements solutions (qualitative and quantitative market research, Voice of the Customer, QFD) to provide actionable information for decision-making. Greg also helps companies design and implement prioritization processes to help ensure the most valuable projects get the resources they need to succeed.

Greg is also a partner in a Digital media firm MediaMan, providing Strategy and Analytics to clients, ensuring their marketing solutions align with business needs. Finally, Greg is a a co-founder of Upgrade Journey, a travel consultancy that provides self-guided trips and local activities to Chinese international students in the US as well as mainland Chinese vacationing in the US.

Greg has the following education and credentials:

  • B.A. from Cornell University
  • M.A. in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University
  • M.B.A. from the University of Phoenix
  • Certified New Product Development Professional, through the PDMA
  • Published research in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice
  • Presented and lectured before academic and industry groups

Prior to starting FCI, Greg worked for an MIT consulting firm, Applied Marketing Science, a New Product Development firm, starting as a research associate and ultimately performing as an account executive, responsible for all aspects of client and project management from sales to overseeing final deliverables. Greg also worked at the Center for Survey Research at UMASS Boston, where he managed large social science projects, public health and medical research projects. He also developed study materials, oversaw budgets, conducted analyses and helped support reports and/or papers for peer reviewed publication. He also worked in a cognitive lab studying survey/question and questionnaire design.

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