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Our Associates

Jim Faber

Jim specializes in Service Management on a global executive level with a broad range of experience and proven leadership skills in customer service program development and execution. He has extensive experience in consistently delivering double-digit service revenue growth and streamlining organizations to control cost and improve processes. Jim also has expertise in improving customer loyalty and reducing customer defection by delivering “Best in Class” service throughout the product life cycle. 

As a skilled leader in the development of customer loyalty and Net Promoter Score measurement, Jim also specializes in service delivery improvement programs and complaint management. He is experienced in the areas of service, sales, and general management, including the coordination of multiple, worldwide manufacturing facilities with international sales and service. Jim has a strong history of developing robust business analytics and driving productivity improvements. In addition, he has established a reputation as an effective mentor and leader of employees at all levels.

With experience in a very broad range of executive management positions, Jim has focused his energies on general management and service. In the analytical/scientific instruments field, Jim’s management experience covers all areas of service and after-sales support, including the role of president of an organization. He also has many years of service experience in the process control and solar industry.

Jim is recognized as a results-oriented, high-energy Service leader who embraces change and can quickly uncover business performance issues, identify process and people opportunities, and garner the team support needed to execute.



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Examples of client and
colleague feedback:


“EEC has engaged Caesar on two occasions within the past 12 months to provide business consulting for out Service Dispatch organization. I found him to be very reasonable and personable to work with. He is very independent, communicative as to his progress and insightful with his ideas to create better environment or process. He is very flexible with his positioning, however consistent with his plan to ensure quality results.”

Mike Kingsley
Electronic Environments Corp


“Caesar exceled at the Technical support organization at EMC. With a detailed oriented approach , he always had a strong commitment to support and resolving customer issues in the quickest and most effective way. It was always a pleasure working with him.”  

Erez Ofer
Executive Vice President,
EMC Corporation

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