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Kurt Jensen

Kurt Jensen is a seasoned operations manager with over 16 years of experience in a variety of telecommunications, communications, and consumer products companies.  Kurtís expertise lies in bridging the gap between customer support requirements and the operational and organizational efficiencies required to deliver overall customer profitability and satisfaction. 

At Customer Centricity, Kurt has lead a number of client projects focused on outsourcing evaluation and implementation.  These projects covered the full scope of initial assessment, RFP development and management, vendor selection and negotiations, implementation, and management.  In addition, Kurt has helped clients in other areas including:

  • Service management assessments
  • Streamlining customer inquiry handling
  • Operational metrics and reporting
  • Customer perception polling
  • Competitive and benchmark research on service management

Most recently, Kurt served as the Director of Contact Centers at Level (3).  Here, he balanced corporate objectives during Genuity migration efforts against customer impact and was deeply involved in customer facing policy, gaining enterprise-wide consensus and acted as a final decision maker on migration activity.

As a member of the Level (3) / Genuity Core Operations Integration team, Kurt was responsible for contributing to the development of end state operations.  This required participation in implementing functional synergies within over 1,800 positions without damaging the multi-billion dollar revenue stream of the combined company.

Prior to joining Level (3), Kurt was Director of Contact Centers at Genuity where he was tasked with a variety of responsibilities.  He was tasked with addressing the challenges of improving customer service levels in the face of an evolving, downsized environment.  In spite of these conflicting goals, Kurtís teams contributed to raising customer satisfaction levels to 96%.   This effort was recognized by Network Magazine in September 2002 when it named Genuity the #1 Internet Service Provider in the country, based on customer responses to its survey.  The contact centers under his responsibility supported over 3,300 enterprise, service provider, and carrier customers, representing over $1 billion in annual revenue.

Kurt and his team segmented its customer base to identify product complexity, customer value, and support costs to implement a tiered support model that improved customer profitability by aligning resources with high-value segments and identifying areas for streamlining and self-service in low-value segments.  Kurt also worked to align technical support teams with product management and sales organizations to provide superior service levels through streamlined policies, procedures, and implementation of best practices.

As the head of operations for both CoreNet and Phoenix Internet Technologies, Kurt had full responsibility for defining and managing the customer experience from cradle to grave.   Kurt developed comprehensive implementation plans and internal processes to allow the organizations to handle explosive growth, both organic and through acquisitions. 

Kurt received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Northern Iowa.

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