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Lauren Weiss

Lauren is a seasoned business executive with over 16 years experience in operations management, process/systems development and strategic planning in the high-technology industry.  She has been with Customer Centricity for over 2 years, since its inception.  In that time, she has assisted clients in many areas, including service management assessments, competitor analyses, data integrity initiatives, bootstrapping call centers, and pre-acquisition due-dilligence.  She is particularly skilled in helping companies align their systems and processes with their business needs.

Prior to CCI, as a Director in Genuity's Information Services organization, Lauren was responsible for ensuring Genuity's systems and processes were aligned with the evolving needs of the business. She was instrumental in the design and implementation of Genuity's company-wide eCRM initiative.

Lauren also reengineered processes and systems within Genuity's Operations organization to enable the decreased delivery times required of their trademark network platform, Black Rocket.  As Genuity evolved from BBN/GTE Internetworking through merger and acquisitions activities, she was responsible for driving the integration of operational organizations, processes, and systems. In addition, she managed a major project to improve the overall data integrity of Genuity's customer databases, an effort for which she was awarded the GTE Chairman's Leadership Award.

Lauren was previously a Senior Consultant in the Technology Services division of Andersen Consulting. She has a BA in Computer Science from Amherst College and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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