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Customer Testimonials

EEC's services have been relied upon by the largest mainframe sites to the smallest telecom/network rooms.  As a single source provider of vertically integrated services; engineering, installation, and maintenance - EEC has become a quality, economical solution for many of its Fortune 500 clients.  EEC differentiates its offerings by focusing on its clientís needs and the customer experience.  EECís refined processes and advanced technologies; GPS tracking, web based site maintenance reporting, web based hazardous waste tracking, in-house professional engineers, factory and cross trained field technicians, electronic data collection, and many more; all work together to make the vendor client experience an enjoyable one.  EEC offers its clients one number, one contract, and one source of accountability.  They looked to Customer Centricity to help make it happen.

"I engaged Customer Centricity to assist in my efforts to improve service quality and ensure we are prepared to profitably scale the business with growth. He immediately hit the ground running, performed a comprehensive assessment and delivered a high-impact report-out with a clear set of pragmatic recommendations inside of 10 days. In addition, he developed a customized seminar that was delivered to my senior management team providing practical approaches and techniques for improving how we manage our customer interactions and relationships, and our business.

I would highly recommend Customer Centricity if you are looking to obtain an outside objective perspective of how your firm is doing with regards to service quality and performance. With Customer Centricity there is no "pie in the sky." It is all "rubber meets the road."

Mike Kingsley
President, Electronic Environments Corporation


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