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Customer Testimonials

The assessment performed by Customer Centricity proved to be very beneficial for iBasis. It focused on what's working, what's not, and provided clear action items on how to improve. Prior to the assessment actually taking place, we were on our way to outlining and implementing what we perceived to be areas in need of improvement; however, following the assessment completed by Craig and his staff, we quickly realized that there were other ways - many of which were low hanging fruit - that could yield us high value in the short run.

We were amazed at the analysis and feedback that could be provided in just one day. The assessment was non-intrusive to the staff and allowed us to conduct business as usual. Craig's team did their homework prior to arriving on-site -- self-assessments were completed by our staff along with initial interviews conducted with some of our senior operational staff. The assessment, itself, was thorough yet very simple and to the point. Working with Customer Centricity has been a refreshing and rewarding experience.

Paul Floyd
Senior Vice President, Operations


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