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Customer Testimonials

Since 1972, Kewill Systems has been a leading technology innovator specializing in the development and implementation of supply chain solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Kewill approached Customer Centricity because it needed to better understand understand the performance of its customer service team to ensure that it was operating at up to industry standards.  They were also poised for growth, so they were looking at ways to manage capacity without growing staff in lineasr fashion. 

Customer Centricity performed a customer service assessment, which outlined what was working well for Kewill and where there were opportunities for improvement.  The assessment also offered recommendations to implement a road-map to improve the customer experience over time -- allowing Kewill to plan and implement changes as warranted by the rest of their business. 

The management was so impressed with the professionalism and results of the customer service assessment, Kewill asked Customer Centricity to perform due diligence project for a company they were acquiring.  The project was to determine the stability and loyalty of the customer base of the company to be acquired to identify any potential risks.   With the target company's permission, Customer Centricity performed confidential customer interviews gauging customer perspectives of the company to be acquired, if they were still using the products, their satisfaction with the products and services offered, and how likely they were to look at other alternatives.  The result was a comprehensive report on the health of the customer base, which provided guidance of where to focus account activities once the acquisition was complete.  Customer Centricity was also called upon to perform integration planning and implementation projects to help bring the two companies together post-acquisition.


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