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Customer Testimonials

NaviSite, Inc. is a leading provider of application, messaging and infrastructure management services. The company has more than 700 customers consisting of mid-market enterprises, divisions of large multinational companies, and government agencies.

Navisite contacted Customer Centricity because it was looking for ways to improve customer support and increase cross-selling opportunities.  Navisite had been built in large part through a series of acquisitions.  This helped the company achieve a large customer base, but also meant that it separate support teams had different approaches to customer support across its major product lines.  Also, most customers had only purchased one service, so there was a desire to cross-sell across services to increase per-customer revenues and make customers more "sticky."

Customer Centricity worked with Navisite support teams to develop common approaches across the service lines with an eye on streamlining processes and reducing costs while improving customer satisfaction.  They examined what was working well in each group, areas for possible improvement -- both within the service line and in interactions with other service lines.  Customer Centricity presented recommendations to improve the customer experience that could be introduced over time, focusing on areas with the biggest return first and allowing Navisite to implement others over time.

Customer Centricity also performed a customer analysis to identify opportunities to cross-sell services to the existing installed base.  This included looking at differences in sales approach, volume discounts, as well as the support practices among the service lines and made recommendations to align strategies for success. 


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