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Customer Testimonials

Russound designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality audio/video products that sound great, are easy to install, simple to use and that offer great value.   They contacted Customer Centricity because they were looking to improve their technical support experience and optimize their staffing. 

Customer Centricity performed a customer service assessment which outlined what was working well, opportunities for improvement, and a road-map to improve the customer experience, prioritized based on the return each item would deliver.  Customer Centricity also examined current staffing levels versus customer inquiries and trends, root causes for customer inquiries, and ancillary tasks the customer service staff was asked to perform. 

The result was a set of recommendations to reduce the amount of non-productive work and allow customer service representatives to spend more time on value-added activities and offering higher levels of customer response.  Most of the changes required little or no investment to implement yet delivered dramatic results.  These changes enabled Russound to handling its increasing volumes without adding any additional headcount or making any incremental investment in new systems.  


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