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Customer Testimonials

Soil Away cleaning service was established in 1990. As a carpet-cleaning and restoration company, Soil Away rapidly expanded its business to include a variety of commonly-desired residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services, including those involving insurance claims.

Soil Away has earned a reputation as the premier full-service residential and commercial cleaning and restoration company in southern and central New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts.

"Customer service has always been of the utmost importance to the continued success of Soil Away. I have been looking to get my company to next level and to find someone to objectively identify the existing obstacles to our success. Thankfully, Customer Centricity addressed these real-life concerns.

I also want to thank Craig for the extra time he spent interacting with my staff.  He turned the presentation of findings from the Customer Service Assessment into a very user-friendly experience that illustrated in very tangible ways the true value of excellent customer service. It is very important to our company that we satisfy the customerís real expectation with each visit. 

Overall, I was impressed with Customer Centricity and the very professional, efficient, and reasonable services provided.  Thanks to Customer Centricity, customer service will remain a top priority of our company as we plan for our future success. I would gladly recommend Customer Centricity to anyone looking to improve the experience for their customers. "

Jack Solloawy


Soil Away, Inc.



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