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Press Release

Customer Centricity Inc. Launched 

Hudson, New Hampshire, August 19, 2002: In today’s business environment, more than ever, companies realize that their most precious asset is the customer. Companies cannot afford to lose a single customer and must get more value out of their existing customer relationships. To respond to this challenge a Hudson, NH-based Company, Customer Centricity, Inc., has been launched. Craig Bailey, President and Founder of Customer Centricity, knows very well what it takes to create a customer-focused organization. The Customer Centricity team has over 75 years of experience working with fast-paced high-tech firms to unlock the value of customer relationships. 

Mr. Bailey says “I ask my clients to imagine the following end-state: all of your customer-facing personnel know the customer-base, can detect up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, product and service trends, and have the methods to initiate response to the customer’s needs both now and in the future”.

Customer Centricity partners with a select number of firms to help them address their most pressing business goals; increasing profitability, revenue and operational efficiencies, as well as improving customer and employee satisfaction. Their proven approach is that of taking surgical actions to close the gap between where a company is, and where it wants to be. By delivering value in 30, 60 and 90-day increments the risk is eliminated and immediate payback is realized by efforts aimed at receiving more value from a company’s customer relationships.

As Mr. Bailey mentions, “Becoming a customer-focused company is serious business. Serious in the benefits to be realized, serious in the commitment that is required; corporate leadership committed to becoming a customer-focused company.”

Craig is quick to point out that becoming customer-focused does not mean that a company must become a doormat for its customer. The goal is to create mutually profitable relationships.

Craig also says “I have seen too many companies influenced by powerful salespeople to bring in an army of consultants and invest heavily in technology, to improve the value of their customer relationships. Moreover, after investing millions the company has difficulty in realizing a return-on-investment. Customer Centricity has the scars of experience from working with firms to increase the value of their customer relationships, in very pragmatic and effective ways. For example: under Mr. Bailey’s leadership multiple high-tech firms have implemented, within 90 days, cross-functional processes impacting hundreds of customer service personnel to effectively and consistently respond to customer inquiries and service impacting events. The result: immediate improvement in operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Customer Centricity delivers skills training for customer-facing personnel to provide exceptional levels of customer service; designs and implements business process techniques for companies to interface with, and support, their customer in an efficient, effective and consistent manner; assists companies in getting the most from their existing investments in technology, by determining the appropriate business processes to automate. 

Customer Centricity has announced that they will be publishing a series of articles on “Unlocking the value of your customer relationships”. These articles will be available on Customer Centricity’s web site. Additionally, you will find tips and other resources on their web site, for unlocking the value of your customer relationships.  

Customer Centricity is not for everyone. If you are ready for Customer Centricity, call (603) 491-7948 to schedule an introductory meeting. Upon determining that a mutually beneficial relationship can be formed, Customer Centricity will perform a free half-day exercise to define the areas to target, and provide an estimate, to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Meet our founder. View Customer Centricity President and Founder Craig Bailey in a recent video interview.


Embarking on the Journey to Customer Centricity? If so, see our resource section for tools and articles to help you get started.

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