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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Cover Story: Featured in Sbusiness Online Magazine
Embarking on the Journey to Customer Centricity
By Craig Bailey

More and more, companies are aspiring to become customer-centric. Are you prepared to “walk the talk?” If so, you will benefit from this highly pragmatic approach to embarking on the journey to becoming customer-centric.

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"Positive Power Influence" presented by Craig Bailey at the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Mass Bay Chapter Career Development Day on May 14, 2005.
"Leveraging the Voice of the Customer to Maximize Business Results" presented by Craig Bailey at the 7th Annual Voice of the Customer Conference on December 8, 2004.

White Papers
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New! How to Find and Hire Stellar Customer Service Representatives
New! Customer Advocacy
New! Becoming Customer Centric
Managing the Enterprise Customer Relationship
Amateur or Professional?
A Logistics Perspective: Being a Preferred Supplier
ACTIVE - A guide to help your business become nimble and retain customers
Avoiding Common CRM Pitfalls
Avoiding the Death Spiral While Reducing Expenses
Distinguishing Your Business With Excellent Customer Service
Driving Continuous Improvement Efforts
Preserving a Healthy Customer Base
Reduce the Stress of Selecting Your Call Management System
Rewarding and Incenting Customer Service Representatives
Unlocking The Value of Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Speaking Engagement Topics
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A Customer Service Workshop
Unlocking the value of your Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – NOT a technology issue

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"Unlocking the Value of Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys"
Recommended Readings
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1001 Ways to Reward Employees CRM Automation
Customers Are People The Discipline of Market Leaders
Customer Centered Growth The Loyalty Effect
Customer Intimacy The Southwest Airlines Way
The Customer Revolution What Clients Love

Additional Informational Web Sites
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Association of Service Management International (www.AFSMI.org)
Association of Service Providers (www.ASPonline.com)
CRM2Day (www.CRM2Day.com)
Help Desk Institute (www.thinkhdi.com)
International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (www.outsourcingprofessional.org)

ITIL (www.itil.org) is the de-facto global standard in the area of service management. It contains comprehensive publicly accessible specialist documentation on the planning, provision and support of IT services.

Operations and Fulfillment (www.opsandfulfillment.com)
Service and Support Professionals Association (www.theSSPA.com)
Supply Chain Council (www.supply-chain.org)
Meet Customer Centricity
President and Founder Craig
Bailey in a recent video
Why is Customer Service so
important? Click here for
insight from Joel Whitman,
Principal at Whitman
Consulting Group.
Customer Centricity's Top
Tips for Better Customer
Featured Book:
The 360 Degree Leader:
Developing Your Influence from
Anywhere in the Organization
By John C. Maxwell

In his nearly thirty years of
teaching leadership, John
Maxwell has encountered this
question again and again:
How do I apply leadership
principles if I'm not the boss?
It's a valid
question that Maxwell answers in The 360
Degree Leader
. You don't have to be the
leader, asserts Maxwell, to make
significant impact in your organization.
Good leaders are not only capable of
leading their followers but are also adept
at leading their superiors and their peers.
Debunking myths and shedding light on
the challenges, John Maxwell offers
specific principles for Leading Down,
Leading Up, and Leading Across. 360-
Degree Leaders can lead effectively,
regardless of their position in an
organization. By applying Maxwell's
principles, you will expand your influence
and ultimately be a more valuable team

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Featured Whitepaper:
Avoiding the Common
Pitfalls of CRM

Are you implementing a new
CRM system within your
organization?  Perhaps you
are "re-implementing" a CRM
system because a prior
deployment didn't live up to expectations. Deploying a CRM system doesn't have to be painful, but you should look for examples of how others have
been successful and identify how these approaches can be leveraged for your specific needs.

This whitepaper identifies a number of the
common pitfalls encountered during the
deployment of a CRM system.  It provides
the common causes of these barriers to
success and, more important, how to
avoid or overcome them. 

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