Welcome to the Customer Centricity blog!

Since inception in 2002, Customer Centricity has published numerous articles covering a wide variety of topics, sharing:

  • Proven approaches we have found effective in helping our clients address common (and not so common) business challenges.
  • Strategies we have utilized in working with our clients to accomplish key corporate objectives.
  • Case Study examples of companies which are absolutely knocking it out of the park!
  • Book recommendations that support the above.
  • And, much more…

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A prevailing principle we tried to adhere to was making sure that each article was sharing useful information and that we weren’t just “writing to write.” This, with the objective of ensuring the information provided was relevant and that it wouldn’t end up in the spam bucket.

Based on the statistics tracked, it seems we accomplished that objective!

That said, the tool being used was becoming a bit outdated and clunky (per feedback received from our subscribers).

As a result, we have migrated to a more effective platform and are now relaunching our periodic publishing practice in the form of a blog.

In closing, we look forward to providing information that we hope you find useful, to accomplish key corporate initiatives and objectives.

If there is a pressing topic that you’d like us to cover, please visit our contact page to complete the provided form and we will thoughtfully consider your request.

And, finally, if you’d like to be notified via email each time we post, simply hit the “Follow” button in the upper right section of this page.

All the best!

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