Getting The Most From Your Consulting Dollars – Can You Try Before You Buy?

Engaging a contract / consulting resource is often the result of the need to fill a crucial void in an organization, until a highly qualified, permanent resource can be identified, hired and on-boarded.

As related to the above, how often have you observed the following scenario play out?

You’ve managed to engage a high performing contract / consulting resource who is doing a fantastic job making forward progress in the area of need. In parallel, you’ve searched high and low (for months) but cannot find the person you’d be comfortable bringing on full-time.

You then consider the fact that you already have someone performing very well in the role and s/he is a great fit within the organization. You decide to pursue the potential of hiring this contract / consulting resource away from their firm.

But wait, there are at least a couple of obstacles presented by typical consulting firms:

  • The contract you signed indicates that you are NOT allowed to hire their resources at all, or for a specific period of time after they complete their engagement with your firm.
  • The firm is willing to discuss your hiring of their resource but there is a fee (often a significant fee) for doing so.

It just doesn’t have to be this way.

At Customer Centricity, we (and to be fair “some” other non-typical consulting firms) strive to meet our clients at their level of need and do not present the above obstacles.

For example, there have been numerous occasions when our high performing resources have been asked, by our clients, if they’d consider coming on as a full-time employee.

Our response is simple. If the consultant is interested in becoming an employee of our client’s firm, it is their decision, not ours. If they (our client and consultant) can strike a mutually acceptable deal then we say “make it so.”

We like to keep things simple, which at the same time, makes everyone happy.

Our client is happy, in that they’ve been able to “try (a highly qualified resource to fill their need) before they buy.”

This dramatically reduces their risk in the hiring process as they have observed this person performing in their organization for months.

Our consultant is happy in that (if they accept the offer) they’ve found a rewarding opportunity that they simply could not refuse.

The result: our clients call on us time and time again because they acknowledge our main objective is to look out for their best interests and make their pressing problems go away.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what you are looking for, when engaging a consulting firm?

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