High Performance Project Management – Topical Index

Our goal for this blog is to cover topics that contribute to high-performing project management. We have found these topics to be important whether someone’s career aspiration is project management or if they’d like to add PM skills to their expanding repertoire of capabilities.

Following is a topical index to our published articles. Feel free to click on items below to sharpen your (PM) saw!


  1. Craig’s School of Project Management
  2. Project Management – A People-Oriented Profession
  3. Addressing Conflicting Priorities
  4. Ensuring project success, tips for engaging leadership
  5. Time Management
  6. Meeting Management
  7. Leading Projects with Multiple Project Managers
  8. Email Management
  9. Own the Narrative
  10. Did I Advance The Ball Today?
  11. Obtaining Time Estimates
  12. We are not here to make friends
  13. Put First Things First
  14. Global Awareness and Considerations
  15. There is no launch date until the PM says so!
  16. Presenting a Unified PM Front
  17. How to Avoid Mind Clutter
  18. Ensuring Continuity of Leadership When Away
  19. Project Initiation: Done Right!
  20. Defining the Detail-Level Plan
  21. What others think of us is none of our business
  22. Critical Path Analysis
  23. Interpersonal Management Skills
  24. Know when to send up a flare!
  25. Know when to throw things off the wagon!
  26. PM: Lives in Dichotomy
  27. Be a Driver with an Edge!
  28. * * * More to come * * *

The list will continue to grow as new articles are published.

In closing, please reach out if there is a topic you’d like to see covered or if you’d like to discuss how we can help improve project management capabilities and performance in your world.

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