PM: Time Management

The key role of a Project Manager is to organize the performance of a diverse group of team members towards the achievement of a common, important goal: completion of a project.

To do so, PM’s must be the epitome of organized performance…

On this note, we’ll talk about Time Management – an absolutely foundational competency for project managers. That is, if we (PMs), cannot manage our own time and tasks effectively, we have no right to manage the time and tasks of others.

Being the epitome of time management is key to ensuring others observe us as highly efficient and effective, and suggests we will NOT waste other’s time. And, by demonstrating such, people are “more” willing to engage with us.

Following are just a few examples demonstrating a PM’s highly effective time management:

  • Consistently completing tasks that the team depends on to proceed with their work, in an agreed upon, timely manner
  • Arriving on time (which means early, before anyone else) to ALL meetings (e.g., con-calls, video calls or in-person)
  • Being fully prepared for meetings (e.g., not rushing or fumbling with the computer)
  • Publishing meeting minutes within 24 hours (hopefully, much sooner) after the meeting

Managing a project involves a multitude of tasks and activities that a PM must perform. Effective time management is but one, key element, ensuring the PM is observed as a high-performing, extremely valuable member of the team. And, doing so, sets the example for others to live up to, further improving the overall performance of the team.

If time management is a struggle for you, or merely an area needing a bit of improvement, a highly recommended read is: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey.

In fact, this is one of the books I most frequently recommend to those I coach: regardless of their field of endeavor!

Bottom-line: A Project Manager who is ineffective in this area could be compared to a Dentist with rotten teeth. They are obviously not practicing the most basic skill of their trade (in this case, brushing their teeth) and it is PAINFULLY obvious to all those around them. Simply put, effective Time Management provides a solid foundation enabling Project Managers to perform in a highly organized fashion.

In closing, if you are looking to improve PM competencies in yourself or within your organization, feel free to reach out to learn how I can help or to book time on my calendar!

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